Friday, July 31, 2009

Skid Marks

Don't touch Rachel's hair. You will know why after reading her story:

Well, one day, my boss hired this guy to be the new intern where I work. He was supposed to fetch the paid workers coffee, muffins, tea or whatever else we wanted. He always did strange things; we would ask for coffee and he would bring us a tea. Most of us grew used to it. One day I requested "Will you go get me my jacket? It's freezing in here." At first I thought he was going to get the jacket, until he came back NAKED, ran over to me, put his tighty whities over my head and said "Better?" I replied: "YOU ARE FIRED, YOU (expletives deleted for those with delicate sensibilities ). Pulling his underwear off my head, I realized it had a terrible stench and a big skid mark in the seat. I didn't get out off the shower for over 3 hours when I got home.

But, really, what do you want from an unpaid intern? You get what you pay for and all that!


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