Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gettin' Jizzy With It

I am starting to learn that people are more sick than I thought. Here's yours, Kristi:

I work as a nail technician. In my old salon, my coworker was a real hippie, natural, holistic type person. She stank, but that's not the issue here. We always massaged our clients hands with lotion that was supplied by the salon, but Rainbow had odd beliefs in the properties of certain natural substances. She was convinced semen was the best all around skin fortifier. She even said it had anti-aging properties, and she wanted to provide that to our customers. Naturally, she knew she would never be allowed to use that on clients, so she devised her own plan. She had her boyfriend (who was probably equally stinky) make a 'deposit' into a jar, and she would bring it in to add to her salon supplied bottle of lotion. She was convinced her customers hands looked way better than anyone else's when she was done. I didn't bother to tell the management, because, frankly, it didn't affect me.

She also availed herself of the miracle properties of semen - she claimed to use it as a face mask.

Yuck. But did her skin look good? I mean, I'm not getting any younger here ya know...


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