Monday, July 13, 2009

Dan Quayle, Cervixes and Jet Fighters

Angelo chimes in...

We had a liar guy at work that came up with some whoppers. I worked with this guy for YEARS, so I could go on for pages here, but I'll narrow it down to just a few.

He said he knew Dan Quayle (obviously this was during his vice presidency) the day after he took a vacation day he would come in saying he had spent the day before discussing policy with him at the White House.

Told everyone he once had brain cancer, and that's why he had scars on his bald head (most people thought it looked like unsuccessful hair replacement). Someone who knew a bit about cancer asked where it had started, since most brain cancers start elsewhere, and he said it had been 'cervical'.

He flew jet fighters on weekends to Afghanistan to fight in the war, while maintaing his Monday-Friday regular work week. He even bought one of those military watches that say Air Force on them that you can get from an ad in back of the TV guide, and told everyone the Air Force gifted him with that for his superior the way, he was a large man, so they would have had to butter him to squeeze him in a fighter jet.

Ok, there's more, but you'll all have to wait 'til tomorrow for it. I bet the suspense is killing you! Heh!


Hank said...

Thanks fer stoppin' by my blog! I am happy to say my poopchute and snotlocker are back to normal!

PS Love yer blog! Me and mom are laughin' are butts off I tell ya what!

Twirly McSwirl said...

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure "cervical" can also refer to the neck, which would be a likely place for brain cancer to start.

Granted, he still sounds insane. And he could easily be lying about it being cervical, even if it IS plausible.

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