Sunday, July 19, 2009

Urine for a Suprise!

Andrea's contribution is just nasty:

I worked for a cleaning service. We would be sent out to homes in pairs to clean, and whenever I wound up being paired with Martha she was always angry and had a grudge against whoever's house she was cleaning that day, didn't matter who. She was just constantly in a fury and miserable. Her way of making herself feel better was to do unspeakable things at these houses while cleaning - she used the same rag to first clean the toilets and then used it on kitchen surfaces, she used toothbrushes as cleaning implements and she licked people's utensils and then replaced them back in the drawer. She fed one family's dog something (she wouldn't tell me what is was) to make it sick hours later after we had left and have diarrhea all over the house. She peed in a cup and then poured it into one person's shampoo bottle. I didn't report her antics because she was the company owner's sister and I needed the job.

I would never, EVER let anyone clean my house but me after that.

Wow. That's so....unsanitary. But I wonder how the pee left the person's hair? Could be a new beauty product!

Or maybe not.


Hank said...

Just when mom thinks she's gonna hire a cleaning lady.....

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