Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something's Fishy Around Here...

Saturday belongs to Name Withheld:

There was a woman at work who kept a goldfish bowl on her desk. She was INSANE about this goldfish, calling it by its name, Swimmy, and telling the office about all its antics and activities. Which, obviously, there wasn't much of. So another coworker decided he couldn't stand it anymore, and poisoned the fish *gasp of horror*. Swimmy's mom (yes, she called herself that) figured he died of natural causes, took a proper amount if grieving, and got Swimmy Too. Fish killer strikes again. This happens 4 times, until the fifth time he pours cement into Swimmy IV's bowl. The sludgy mess made her finally realize there was fish murderer about, and this knowledge made her lose it. She ran screaming hysterically and profanely into our bosses office, and then was escorted out for a 'medical leave of absence'.

A fish serial killer. That's different. Write back and let us know what happened to the culprit, ok?


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