Friday, July 3, 2009

'Name Withheld' had this crazy experience...

At my company, the boss of all bosses, the total top guy, had a Holiday Party at his house for his employees. And what a house!! A total mansion, it really gave us a look at what all our hard work did for him ;). Anyway, one of our coworkers got waaaay too wasted on Holiday Cheer (aka vodka tonics). The boss had a Christmas tree that reached the ceiling in their 2 story 'Great Room' where the party was held. It was decorated with hugely expensive and antique ornaments. Well drunk guy is just hnaging around, not doing much, when suddenly he takes off in a full run across the room and basically tackles the part of the tree he could reach. The tree fell over, hitting the wall, amid the shattering of precious ornaments. The boss's wife started to cry as drunk guy laughed maniacally. Someone escorted him out and called him a taxi.

He was fired soon after the New Year.

That's one way to express your displeasure at obnoxious displays of wealth!

Or maybe he's just an idiotic boozehound. That's more likely I guess.


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