Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a Jungle Down There!

Tina, yours is definitely horrifying:

I was a nurse who worked at a gynecologist's office. The doctor had a habit of making comments to colleagues in the office about his patients. For example, he would say that one woman needed a good waxer, because she was too hairy in his opinion. He also referred to labia as tent flaps, as in "that woman had the biggest tent flaps I've ever seen". ( He was nasty about patients' weight and looks, making comments after an exam such as "I'm probably the only one who will ever be seeing THAT area." He called pregnant women whales and fatties. He made the 'throwing a hot dog down the Lincoln Tunnel' joke about a few women. I would have reported him, but shockingly enough, he was actually a very good doctor. He just couldn't shut his mouth.

I had to edit a couple of things out of this one because they were just TOO graphic. Otherwise, you'd have to bleach your brain like I've been trying to do.


Hank said...

OMG. I really don't know how to respond!

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Can we say HIPAA violation?

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