Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Would You Like Cream And Sugar With That?

Dan the Man says:

We had a woman at work who came back from maternity leave and she was still breastfeeding. Several times a day she pumped her breast milk into bottles. She actually stored these bottles in the office lunchroom refrigerator. That's kinda icky, but it gets worse. If you passed by her office while she was in the process of getting ready to pump (she would do this at her desk, with the door wide open) she would whip out her boob and try to squirt you. And she could squirt pretty damn far. She also offered her milk for people to use in their coffee and claimed she used it in hers everyday because its healthier.

Well, she IS handy when you run out of half and half. And I'd want her on my side if a squirt gun war ever broke out. She'd have double ammo.


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