Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Occasionally I get off the subject of crazy people at work to share stuff that I find amusing. So here we go, a few ads from the past!

Lard?!?! Really? They won't be as happy when people start calling them lard asses. Bathing suits and lard just don't mix.

But after you get all happy with your lard, you can solve your weight problem with:

Ok, that's just going waaaaay to far to be skinny, doncha think?

Well, if the tape worms don't work, maybe you can try some doctor prescribed ciggies:

Ok, this next one read it and you'll see...

Lysol? FREAKIN' LYSOL?!?!?! At that point you might as well start using bleach as a body wash. Apparently you need some strong cleaning products to break through that good ol' web of indifference.


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