Friday, July 17, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Today's contributor is a biggie. We have a submission here by none other than President Obama (Of course I think it's really you, Sir, *snicker* not just someone trying to be amusing online. But on the miniscule off chance that the Leader of the Free World is actually reading this: )

We have a woman at work who does the "Walk of Shame" into the office on many mornings. She arrives wearing her clothes from the day before, with her hair kinda askew and looking slept on. I think her Happy Hours after work get out of control and she doesn't make it home on quite a few nights. Rumor has it she meets men while out and that's who she stays with during her drunken escapades. Unfortunately, she's married. Met him at the office Holiday Party and they seemed like the perfect couple. Wonder what the REAL story is here?

OOOOOOH, scandal at the White House? I'm sure THAT'S never happened before *more snickers*. I love the idea of a drunken, slutty cabinet member.

Why am I craving a Snickers right now?


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