Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bruce, Mike and Airplane Catching Devices

Ok, let's continue on from yesterday...

This guy also claimed to know Bruce Springsteen. He said he would always get front row tickets sent to him for concerts, and when Bruce would see him in the audience, he'd call him up on stage. Somehow, not one single person ever saw that actually occur, even people who are Bruce fanatics and don't miss a concert.

He's best buddies with Mike Tyson
(?!? - I can't see why anyone would want to be his bud, but whatever...) and Mike called him on his way to jail form his cab to ask this guy what he should do.

He safely crash landed a small plane not too long ago. Airport personnel supposedly helped him in by catching him in a net (again - ?!?). He was called a hero by all involved. This was pretty soon after the Hudson River landing by a real hero, Capt. Sully.

Well, I suppose if you HAVE to be friends with Mike Tyson, it's best if you wear ear protection. I mean, really, that man has an odd appetite.

Airplane catching nets coming soon to an airport near you!! Now everyone can feel safer flying.


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