Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seeing the World through White Colored Glasses

Craziness for Saturday from Eli:

We had a woman at work who was very high strung and stressed, otherwise she seemed normal. That is, until one day I saw her very meticulously painting her eyeglass lenses with White Out. She then put them on and started screaming hysterically that she had gone blind and couldn't see. Not joking at all, completely seriously. No one could talk sense to her or get close enough to even take the glasses off. An ambulance came for her. That was my last day of work there, so I never actually found out if she ever came back or not....

See all the great uses that White Out has that you've never even thought of? Handy stuff!


Hank said...

OMG! Now that shit's funny. I don't care WHO ya are!

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