Friday, July 24, 2009

Lydia Chlamydia

P.J. has a fun one...

I worked with a woman who fought loudly with her husband constantly on her phone. We were all packed tightly in cubicles, so pretty much 30 people were privy to her arguments. These are some of the charming facts we discovered about her husband:

He enjoyed the services of hookers.

Picked up strange and skanky women in bars.

Gave her chlamydia.

He has a tiny penis (according to the angry wife, so who knows?).

He wore his underwear for consecutive days without washing.

He didn't flush the toilet after using it.

He left skid marks in his underwear.

The worst thing about it was that whenever someone needed to make a business call, the client on the other end could sometimes hear random words like hooker and sh*t stain being screamed in the background. That was awkward.

Wow. Awkward seems a bit of an understatement. The husband seems like a real prize though. I can see why she stays with him *big fat eye roll*.


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