Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holy Sh*t!

Kelly reports in:

I worked with a guy who would change his religion every month. Each month, he would become VERY vocal about his new adopted faith, and would try to recruit everyone at the office. While in each religious phase, he would adopt the traditions wholeheartedly. When he was Muslim for a month, he prayed to Mecca on the floor in a corner of the office. When he was Jewish, he freaked out about anything non-kosher brought in, which made lunch times difficult. Christian - he was crossing himself and mumbling the Lord's Prayer continuously. When Kabbalah became big with celebrities, he wore the red string and touted its praises. With Scientology he lectured us all about Xenu and Thetans (What? Who?). He was a turban-wearing Sikh. He would meditate when he was Buddhist. During his Hindu phase he ordered in Indian food every day for lunch (that seems a pretty lame way to worship, but I guess we ARE talking about someone who couldn't stick to one religion for more than 31 days...).

Surprisingly (not), he never converted anyone else, but oh how he tried!!

Let me know when he gets to Mormon*. I am interested to see how he will handle multiple wives. I know my husband seems to have enough trouble with one.

*Disclaimer: I know that most Mormons are not polygamous, only a small sect is. But I'm trying to be funny here, so let's just go with it, ok?


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