Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Silliness

I LOVE drunk people!  Quite possibly because I am one of them as much as is humanly possible...but still, I've never done this (and I wouldn't tell ya, anyway,  even if I had):

By the way, too much alcohol is just fine.  Be a fool.  And record it and send it to me.


And for anyone who has an extra four minutes, here's the longer, unedited version, which I totally believe is worth the extra time:


This Little Girl Dreams... said...

Someone posted this on my facebook feed and I watched some of it he is out of this world hammered! LOL. I felt bad for him.

Tom Goette said...

Great vid! It astonishes me that someone who is so obviously blotto would even want to drink more. I mean what does he hope to accomplish? He's already barely able to walk and is having trouble staying conscious, so what's next, coma? Hey, I like your blog! Good stuff!

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