Monday, October 12, 2009

Pants-less Romanians

I work at a restaurant and we had employees come from Romania for a college/work visa for the summer. I offered to take them home one night; they thought it would be hilarious to strip down to their tighty whities and get in my car in just that and their aprons & bow ties. Hysterical as it was, I pretended to be scarred for life.
You could have dropped them off at a Chippendales (do those even exist anymore?!) and made a bundle off of  these dudes. 

And by the way, how exactly did you offer to 'take them home'?  Maybe it got lost in translation, and they took it to mean YOUR home and just wanted to get themselves ready for the, um, fun.

Thank you, Anonymous (ya know, there are a heck of a lotta people named that)!


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