Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Didn't Click With The Clique

The retail store where I work has a bunch of female employees, and we all get along together well and hang out outside of work. A new woman got hired at what I will call P.C. Jenny's (no one's EVER gonna figure that one out, LuLuTwo!) and was desperate to join our group. Now, we are a friendly group, so her fitting in shouldn't have been a problem, but she was a kook. She smelled, was dirty, and stared at people until they became uncomfortable (good hiring choice there, P.C. Jenny's!). One day, in order to fit in, she played a prank on us. I guess she thought we'd all think it was funny and suddenly embrace her and her smelly weirdness. But the prank was far from amusing. Her shift was over a full two hours before closing, and she left to go home. Or so we thought. After we had closed up our registers and had gathered where we typically met every night to shoot the bull, she came popping out of the middle of one of the nearby circular clothes racks screaming. And then laughing hysterically. We all ran and someone hit the panic button. The police came, and they arrested her for causing a false alarm or something like that. We never saw her again.

Imagine, she stayed crouched down in a rack for TWO HOURS to carry this out!

Wow, see what you could have avoided if only you hadn't been so clique-ish? Hmmm? Let this be a lesson to you. Weirdos and freaks need friends too.

But don't any of you nutballs take this as an open invitation.  I have enough friends. Note, I said a lesson to YOU, not a lesson to ME.

That was a clothes call, LuluTwo!  Heh.


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