Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pissin' My Pants

Karl and Harry were my friends that I worked with.  Harry weighed about 400 lbs, more at times. After a summer in the sun he would pull up his shirt and pick up his breasts, which were huge, and show us the white tan lines beneath them. He also came back from the men's room one time with his pants all wet in the front. Karl, his friend, brought this to his attention and Harry said "I thought I had 'it' out". No! 'It' was still in!  He could not see 'it' without a mirror under his belly!

This raises all sorts of questions that I really don't want to think about, but I will anyway...

Like what else might be accumulating under his moobs.  And how his hygiene plays out with - ahem - 'it'.  I mean he can't even SEE the damn thing.  And 'marital relations', what about th... *heave*  I gotta stop.  I just can't possibly go on.

Thanks to Ed for making me unable to eat my lunch!


strokeofliving said...


Jennifer Brindley said...

Oh dear lord... that's just wrong!!!

And I'm so glad I could help people find your blog. Thank you for the chuckles you always give me. This stuff is just hilarious! :)


~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

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