Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blue In The Face

My boss had his 80+ year old mother-in-law working for him as an accounts payable employee. That way he wouldn't have to just give her money to live on as she had no income. Her desk was in his office which was upstairs from mine, and one day he called my name very loudly and I ran up the stairs. He was talking to his wife on his cell phone. Without hanging up from his wife he pointed to his mother-in-law and said to me, "Would you mind giving her the Heimlich manuever, she can't breathe." He then turned away from us as if we were bothering him and continued his conversation. I left his employ not long after that when he had me plunge the toilet that his elderly father had stopped up as soon as he got to the office!

Ah, there's nothing like working with family! You can feel all the love and caring. 

And all the waiting for the inheritance.

Glad you know the Heimlich, AltaG!


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