Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lazy and Crazy

For three years I worked in a project where we met with people from other parts of the country regularly. One of those – a man – was particularly lazy. At meetings he would go on-and-on-and-on about things he had done in the past, and how everybody else should do things. All this was done in a very aggressive manner. The problem was that some of us knew his former colleagues, and they all told stories about his aggressive behaviour, laziness and not getting work done! Whenever a deadline was approaching he had developed the bad habit of calling me, asking for a copy of my work, and then he would just change the names and dates as necessary. Fortunately everybody knew this – thanks to me ;-) As another colleague put it: To him a deadline was an infinite list of new time limits!

and very loudly accused me of deliberately making an error in 'his' part of the report. I said that I did not do that, and I just copied the work he sent me into the report. He then accused me of lying. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just got so mad that I completely lost my temper.
After three years of work everybody had had it with him. At the very last meeting we were showing each other the results, among other things I had been responsible for a report and the guy had sent some information to include (of course he had somebody else do it, he just forwarded it by e-mail). Then he suddenly

I shouted that I was fed up with three years of lazy, aggressive behaviour, that he had done NOTHING to contribute positively to this project, and that if I ever had to work with him again, I would go mental. He got totally white and shouted to the chairman to stop me. The chairman smiled at him and said “NO! She has got the right to tell you this!” In the end I had told him off, leaving several much older meeting participants stunned, but everybody agreed with me. Not until after the meeting I remembered that my boss was there. He gave me a hug, looked at me, and said: “Finally you got that off your chest. Well done!” The lazy colleague never spoke to me again, and all I have ever heard of him since is that he is having difficulty holding on to a job, since no finished work ever leaves his office.
So you REALLY didn't make a mistake on his part of the report on purpose?  C'mon, you can tell us, we'll keep your secret! Heh.

A lazy, yet aggressive, thank you to My Sharp Tongue for this one!


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