Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sh*t Rolls Downhill….

I am glad to be here so you guys can get out what's bothering you and vent about your work situation.  In this way, I feel like I'm giving something back.  Or some other bullsh*t like that.

Someone has some major anger simmering:

Sh*t rolls downhill….

Slimy business ethics !! (so what else is new).

Managers who develop and implement procedures and policies that they don’t support and know don’t work.

Supervisors who perpetuate the bullsh*t by telling their subordinates to carry out procedures that do not exist or don’t work.

The QA process in the data input area of this well known NY based market research firm are worthless.

If I try to address the QA problems I’m told I am taking too long to do things.

If I don’t find all the problems with the input data, I get beat up.

I feel like I’m playing musical chairs and when the music stops guess who will be left standing.

Their customers are getting screwed..
Just to let you know, 2old4thisshit, you're taking too long carrying out procedures that don't exist, therefore I must now beat you up as you're left without a chair when the music stops.

Good luck with that.


strokeofliving said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, left without a chair when the music stops, classic!

That's all I have to say.

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