Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shrimp Tales

The owner of the restaurant where I waitress is CHEAP. I will outline some of her cost cutting methods:

The spray bottles that we use to disinfect tables and other surfaces are not filled with cleaning product, but rather, water.

If any rolls are uneaten in bread baskets, they just go back to the kitchen to have a few new rolls thrown on top. Once a customer found shrimp tails in the bottom of their basket.

Salsa or any sort of dip left in dishes just gets thrown in a communal pot to use again. Same with lettuce for salads.

The soap in the bathrooms is usually diluted to about 75% water. And that's the soap we use too before preparing your food.

If the cloth napkins LOOK clean, she will fold them up to be reused. That's why our napkins are black; it hides stains better.

Free shrimp tails and a side of salmonella with every entree!  What more can ya ask for?

Hey, Brit, here's a tip - don't eat at your own place of work!


Kathryn Hesterley said...

wow now thats funny yet digusting same time

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