Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crap In A Cart

Now, y'all have to stop begging me to tell you the vile story I alluded to yesterday.  Really, all this groveling is becoming a little undignified.  But I do have to give you guys credit for perseverence.

Anyway, at this point I couldn't post it even if I wanted to because once I read it I trashed, deleted, burned and annihilated it from my computer, and then bleached my brain to eliminate it from my memory as well.

Now on to today's insanity:

This story isn't about a coworker, but it IS about something that would happen at my workplace. 

At the supermarket where I work, every few nights or so someone (or someones, I guess)  would put shoeboxes into many of the shopping carts when the store was closed.  The next day the customers would grab a cart, see the box and be curious.  Inside each and every box would be a load of crap.  And I am not being figurative here, I mean poop. 

 When the police got involved, the pooper stopped, or maybe just found another store to leave his 'gifts' for shoppers.
He/she must have a shoe collection to top Imelda's just for the boxes for this special hobby.

The part that I find craziest about all this:  who has the TIME to do something like this?  It seems it would take some coordination, and a whole lotta prunes.

Hey, JasonT., thanks for this crap!


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