Monday, October 5, 2009

A Royal Flush

Ok, this really isn't a crazy person I worked WITH; but rather, worked FOR.

When I was attending college the perfect job for me was to be a live-in housekeeper.  I worked during the day, took classes at night, and got to live pretty close to campus.  Perfect, except for the man whose house it was...

He took the definition of housekeeping to the absolute extreme.  For example, he didn't even flush the toilet when he was done in the bathroom.  He would come out and say "Izzy, can you tidy up in there?" which meant entering the stinky room, flushing for him and quite often erasing his skid marks left in the bowl.  Or if he had only urinated, he would never even bother to aim near the bowl and would send me in to wipe up when he was done.  I put up with it until the day he told me he wanted to sleep with me.  I told him no, and his reply was "I pay you to do what I ask!"  I said housekeeper does not equal prostitute, and quit.  When the wife found out I had quit, she tried to stop me while I was packing up my belongings.  She told me how hard it is to get a good housekeeper, and she would double my salary if I would stay and be a housekeeper/hooker.  I packed faster and got the heck out of there.

Did you wear the good old sexy maid costume?  Maybe that's where he got the housekeeper = hooker idea from.

Or maybe he was just a big fat douchebag.  I'm going with that one.

A big shout out to our hooker friend Izzy (I'm just kiddin')!


Dorian said...

omg. That's brutal. I work at a fitness center and once had a member--older man, quite overweight--pull up a chair next to my desk at which I'm I'd serve him coffee (not from work, my personal coffee, or if not receive a string of comments about how inhospitable I was. Then he would split an ice cream sandwich of a danish with me, and leave on this note: "If you're ever lonely, just call 1800 sex-Fitz 666, 4.99 a minute.

Emily said...

What is it about rich people!!! Because they can hire help they don't have to flush and because they can afford maids they think they get a hooker thrown in for free? Glad you got out of there izzy!

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