Friday, August 21, 2009

Swim At Your Own Risk

Surfer007 has today's:

I am one of the guys that cleans the pool at a major resort. When I say major, I mean upscale, ritzy, super expensive, for the snobby upper classes only. You can only imagine how picky the clientele are. If there is a speck of dust in the pool, Mrs. Moneybags-Snobass the Third is calling "Oh pool boy, come do something about this!!" and I have to run and do her bidding.

That's why we all think its so funny at night when we pee, spit, blow our noses and hock up phlegm balls into the pool.

Enjoy your swim!!

Look! What's a jelly fish doing in the pool!?!

Oh, nevermind, it's just a big old booger...


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