Friday, August 7, 2009

Cry Me A River

Stinky54 (who WANTS to be called stinky, by the way?) gives us this gem:

I worked with a man who was a crier. Yes, a MAN. And over the tiniest things. If the copier got jammed, he cried. If the bathroom was out of toilet paper, he cried. If the bread on his sandwich was soggy, he cried. He was a messy crier, too. All snotty and never had a tissue, so he was always wiping it on his hands and making those charming sucking back mucus noises we all know and love. His computer keyboard was a soggy, slimy mess.

Hope you didn't have to ever use that keyboard...

So Stinky, maybe one of YOUR coworkers will write in to let us know how you got that nickname...unless they already have and you're this guy: Hey, Come Smell This!


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