Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Hair Raising Experience

Kris has one:

I worked at the best salon ever for years! It was the (Name redacted, 'cause I just can't be advertising other people's stuff. You understand, right? No hurt feelings? Okay, let's move on). One of the hairstylists, Beth, was having a rough patch in her life. She had always seemed normal before this, but obviously something was going on with her, I don't know what. One morning, she came in looking really bad. She said she had been out drinking with friends all night, drowning her sorrows. I couldn't tell if she was just hungover or still drunk. Anyway, she had a customer with super long hair down to the middle of her back who wanted a trim, just the split ends, but Beth just could not get the ends straight. So she kept trying, and more hair kept coming off. The customer started to get agitated (I wonder why?)and when she asked Beth what she thought she was doing, Beth lost it and just grabbed a huge hunk of the customer's hair near her scalp and just hacked it off. The customer jumped up and started screaming and crying, while Beth ran out of the salon, and just kept going. She never came back, even for any money she was owed.

I think the salon owners paid off the customer so she wouldn't sue, but I wasn't really privy to that information.

Uh, Kris, your idea of the Best Salon Ever and my idea of the Best Salon Ever are radically different. I'm just sayin'.


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