Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stuff It

My boss had a stuffed animal fetish. Her office was decorated with rows upon rows of animals that she straightened and gave a little pat to each day.

One day while she was on vacation, we stole them all and hid them in a supply closet. When she came back, she cried and screamed and acted like we had kidnapped her children or something. She was threatening to call the police!! Without anyone directly admitting to the theft, we advised her as to where she could find her "babies". Since she couldn't fire the whole office, we got through it pretty unscathed.

You should have let her call the police. It would have given the 911 operators a bit of a chuckle.

Maybe you should pass on the information about this convention to her.
Thanks to Brant P.!


Hannah Grace said...

This is too funny..thanks for sharing lol.

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