Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bulging Brides

Tiff talks:

At the wedding dress boutique where I worked we had a crazy seamstress. She was very old (or at least she looked it), all hunched over and crone-ish, and always wore black clothes and those big orthopedic shoes with knee high stockings bunched up around her ankles. When a girl came in for a fitting who she thought was too heavy, she would say she was taking the dress out to fit better, but she would really take it IN. In her warped mind, she thought it would get the brides off their butts to lose weight. She also did this as a general rule to brides she just didn't like, whether heavy or not.

I saw a lot of tears and freak outs in that store over the years, but she was such a good seamstress and so fast, the owners didn't want to let her go. Over time, they reduced her actual interaction with customers and just put her in a back room sewing away...

Wow. Nothing says bridal fun like having a scary old crone hidden in a back room laboring away sweat shop like fashion.


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