Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Funnies

More stuff that gave me a chuckle:

This isn't TOO embarrassing. I mean, she failed to stop at a railroad crossing!! She shoulda stuck with the first report.

Hehe! Butt crack!!
*snicker* I admit to having a bit of a juvenile sense of humor...

Well, it would be weird if he played with other people's:

Personally, I hate the strict Wal-Mart dress code:
If anyone knows the legal way, let me know, ok?

I would think a talking duck would be the lead in the story, but what do I know?

You know, I myself sometimes wonder who that person staring back at me in the bathroom is...

What a bargain!

Do they have slight urine smell too?:

Calling all Gradys!!

Happy Sunday!


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