Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Took a Toll on Him...

Gary fills us in on his former coworker...

I am a toll taker on a major highway. A few years ago, we suddenly started receiving complaints in the main office about one of the other toll takers. Teddy just completely lost it one day, and after taking a driver's money, instead of the usual thank you, he told them "F*ck You". He sort of mumbled it in the beginning of the day, probably leaving the motorists guessing whether he said what they thought he did or a thank you. But as the day wore on, he started yelling it louder and louder. When our supervisor requested his presence in his office, Teddy came in, said he quit, and left. When a replacement was sent out to his booth, he found a large pile of poop in the corner of the booth.

That was a sh*tty thing to do. Literally.


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