Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Beggin' Ya!

Josh says:

His name was Sam and we had hired him as one of our sales people because he was a really handsome guy, movie star handsome. A couple of Playboy Playmates were coming on to him, that's how handsome he was. He was also a super nice guy. His only problem was he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. One day, while he was taking a lunchtime stroll in midtown Manhattan, he saw a homeless man begging and somehow this particular guy touched his heart. He offered to buy the guy a lunch at a nearby Burger King which of course the homeless guy accepted immediately. It's lunchtime crowded and they finally work their way up to the counter and place an order for burgers, fries, the works. That's when Sam realizes he left the studio without his wallet. He wasn't about to deny the homeless guy the meal he'd ordered so Sam begged for the money to pay the bill from the other customers. They all had a good laugh except Sam.

The best part was when the homeless guy looked at him and said "Ya know, I really coulda done that myself."

That was nice of him. He's HOW good looking? Anyone have his number? If he's that hot who cares if he's a bit dim...


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