Thursday, August 20, 2009

Checking In?

The hotel submission earlier in the week triggered an avalanche of stuff coming out of that industry...

Joanie checks in (I'm so loving my hotel puns!):

A desk clerk worked with me on the late shift that thought it was hysterical to check people into rooms that were already occupied. You can't imagine how scared people were when they were sleeping soundly and someone walks into their room, thinking its theirs, turning on all the lights and dragging their luggage noisily behind them. He got away with it for awhile by acting like he was so upset when the people came to complain (I can't lose my job, please don't report me, etc.); he somehow managed to make them feel bad for HIM.

The final straw was when he checked a person into the hotel room where a married local politician was already staying. The person who came in and turned on the lights found him in bed with another man (who was obviously not his wife).


Can I assume he won't be getting a good reference?


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