Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Split Personality

The woman I worked for had a split personality.  She would ask for a file, when I would bring it to her she would say "Why are you bringing me this?"  When I would tell her that she asked for it, she would look at ME like I'M crazy and say "No, I did not".   I would send her an email requesting a day off, and she would ok it, but when I didn't come in for work she would call me screaming that she couldn't believe I would just not show up for work.  When I would show her the email proof, she would say she doesn't remember it and someone must have hacked her email, so she would spend all day changing passwords and trying to sniff out the culprit.  She would send me to the building lobby to get her coffee, and when I would come back with it, would tell me to get my coffee on my own time, not the company's.  When I would say it was hers, she'd say "Hah!  Good way to try to weasel out of it!"

We all knew she was crazy, but complaining was not taken favorably by the owner because she was his daughter and could do no wrong in Daddy's eyes. 

When I developed an ulcer and other stress related illnesses, I had to quit.  I still have a twitch under my eye to this day that just doesn't want to go away.

Why did you send me this?  I didn't ask you to!

Oh, wait, I did.  Nevermind.

Thanks to Janice with the twitch...


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