Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who's The Crazy One Here?

For your enjoyment, unedited and in its entirety:

I'm a waitress @ a very. very busy NYC area diner... & all I'm gonna say is stay away from side salads people!! (waiters/waitreses use there hands to make them!!!) I was appauled when I first learned this was how it was done... (too busy to use thongs n stuff.. plus there may be 4 or 5 others trying to get into the salad bin at the same time as you... there isnt even salad tongs in my diner!!) And let me tell u.. our hands get quite dirty after working just a few minutes!!! Also cooks use there hands 4 everything!!! (ever order a melt & notice how nicely the tuna or chicken salad is patted down & molded so neatly??!!!) & YES... WE EAT OFF UR PLATES B4 THEY COME OUT!!! We dont get breaks & get hungry too!! So if u order something & it looks tastey we may grab off it! Ex. fries, clam strips, cut up pieces of chicken... nothing big though... even our managers do it!! And I'll just say this one last thing... treat your servers with respect!!! Dont talk down to us or treat us like slaves!!!! I bend over backwards for anyone who treats me nicely and smiles...But I dont even want to tell you what some other servers may do if you treat them disrespectfully!!! (you would be shocked at how some treat us!!! I think some people get off on it...there jolly 4 the day...... but were the ones with the last laugh!!!) ... And it's not just diners btw... actually I think diners are cleaner & have better servers than most franchise restaurants (also a large portion of diners business comes from repeat frequent customers.. some people eat all 3 meals with us... they come to us because we treat them like family & consistanly give great service and quality (& quanity lol) food!).......(franchise chains) hire nothing but kids, & kids could give a frogs fat ass what is served on your plate..... bottom line is all of this has been going on since the dawn of eating out.... If you enjoy eating out then continue to do so.... Just take my advice & you'll be fine!!! The better you treat your waiter/waitress, the better your entire meal will be!! (oh, & stay away from those side salads!!! lmao!!)

I would prefer no thongs in my salad anyway.

Thanks, dinergrl, and maybe lay off the caffeine. 


Roseann said...

After reading your blogs I don't think I'll eat out again. Thanks for the heads up!

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