Monday, September 21, 2009

Blowing Chunks

For my job, my coworkers and I spend a lot of time on the road driving to different sites.  Our boss has us all go in one car to save on expenses, which would be fine except for the Vomiter.  He gets car sick constantly, and for some reason never has the advance notice or presence of mind to ask to pull over or even open the window before he yaks.  He has thrown up in all of our cars, and is usually too sick to help with the cleanup.  We began to insist that we use his car, since even with the Vomiter our boss won't spend the extra to let us drive separately.   He throws up even when HE drives, but at least we no longer have our cars being defiled.  It's very, VERY difficult to drive for long periods of time in a car full of puke though, I gotta tell you.  We are all gagging, and we've even had OTHER people throw up to add to the chaos.   It would be great if he was fired or let go, but since he does a great job otherwise, I guess we are stuck with dealing with him spewing for the foreseeable future.

Do they have strap on vomit bags?  Maybe that would be a good invention.  Just wrap it around the vomitees head, and voila!  Might look a little strange, but it's still better than last night's dinner all over your feet.

Sending a barf bag and an air freshener to HippoTay for this one!


Kim Ayres said...

Unfortunately, every time I hear someone using the phrase, blowing chunks, I always think of this joke:

How Drunk?

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