Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Agony Of Da Feet

Our office is pretty casual.  That's a good thing, except for Harry, who wears sneakers that must be 30 years old and reek like the local landfill.  You can smell him coming from five cubicles away.  And to add to his repulsiveness, he takes off his sneakers at his desk and props his feet on it, which makes the stink overwhelming.  And to CONTINUE to add even MORE repulsivity (is that a word?), he has been know to cut his toenails at his desk and let the cut toenails fly all over, land where they may - and he doesn't pick them up.

He sounds just a WEE bit insane.  Maybe you should grab one of those discarded toenails so you can provide the police with DNA when the time comes.  Because you know it will.

Sending some heavy duty air fresheners Toby's way for this one...


Grandma Andy The Thinker said...

Is this FUNK MASTER in charge? I don’t understand why someone hasn’t just told him. Why don’t you buy some foot scrub, foot powder, and some foot spray and leave it on his desk with a note addressed to THE KING OF FOOT ORDER now I bought it, you need to use it.

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