Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I See Dead People

This woman I worked with told everyone in the office she could talk to the dead.  She would say things such as "Tom, your grandfather Robert has something to tell you."  Meanwhile, Tom's grandparents were all still living, none were named Robert, and neither were any of his great-grandparents named Robert (so that excluded any spirit miscommunication possibilities).  We were used to her making this kind of stuff up, so we'd go along with it and say things like "Oh my God, Grandpa Bob!  What does he want to say to me?!?!"  She'd get this smug look on her face and say something to the effect of "He says the key is hidden in the wall of the old house."  Meanwhile, we were all trying  to keep straight faces and not snicker.  Having us believe she had this 'power' seemed a large part of her self esteem, so we kept our mouths shut about knowing she was a fraud. 

Plus it was funny as hell.

I think Grandpa Bob is pretty pissed off that you didn't go get that key.  Because you never know.....BWAHAHAHA!!! (That was an attempt at an evil laugh.  Just go with it, ok?).

A spooooky thank you to GeorgieP.


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