Monday, September 14, 2009

Close Yer Blinds

I worked as a water meter reader for many years.  In my area, the meters were outside the house, on an exterior wall, so we had to go in yards and walk around houses.  One guy I worked with used this as an opportunity to peer in people's windows.  He considered it a jackpot if he found an unsuspecting woman at home partially dressed or sometimes not dressed at all.  He would report in on who he saw, giving us the address and a rating of how she looked.  I guess he thought we would be as excited by this info as he was; in reality we were all pretty disgusted by him. 

He got caught trying to take a cell phone picture of one woman.  Her window was open and she heard the camera noise and saw him.  Major screaming ensued.  The police were called, charges filed, and he was fired.

Well, if it gets me a discount on my bill, come on over! 

Stop judging me!  It's a tough economy, ya know?

Thanks to AnonymousGuy!


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