Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eat It

As a corporate trainer I have seen a few odd balls. However, the worst person I clearly remember was in a new hire class I trained. Long story short, she would pick her face and eat it while I taught the course. It became so bad she had to excuse herself to the bathroom to blot the bloody mess she called her face. Other new hires came to me saying that she was a distraction and they couldn’t put up with her. Her favorite time to pick her face was directly after lunch, I still get a tad sick to my stomach even thinking of Facepicker. She eventually got fired because she could not perform the job. I hope she never works with people again.

Alright, the picking  'til you're bloody is pretty damn bad but....she ATE it?!?!  Her skin or scabs or whatever? Would that be classified as some sort of self-cannibalization or what?

Looking for a new line of work yet, djonesd04?


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