Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smelly Belly

She was nearly 40, needy, immature and drove me NUTS! One day she would be crying, never telling anyone what was wrong; another day she'd be "petting" you and calling you "Mama" (ewww!); then she would ask questions that she should ONLY ask her mother... i.e. "Why does my belly button smell?" She'd constantly call me on my way home from work (even though we'd worked ALL day together), just to chat. I needed this in rush hour traffic? If I ignored her calls, she'd be crying the next day telling everyone I “hated her". Or, if I ignored her at work, she'd run to our manager and tell her that I was "picking on her". This "child" constantly had her fingers in her mouth, would chew her nails and was DISGUSTING! I felt like I had to sanitize my area every time she sat there!

Hey, Mama, why DID her belly button smell?!?!  I mean, who has THAT problem?

I can envision creating  a new product:  'Button Blaster:  The Deoderant for Smelly Bellies'.  And don't try stealing that; I'm on the phone with the patent office right now!  But I really can't understand what they find so damn funny...

Thanks to Paz628!


yitz said...

how can you tell your belly button smells? she must be incredibly limber....

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