Monday, September 28, 2009

Designated Drunk

A guy I worked with had a drinking problem.  He actually brought vodka to work in water bottles and drank from them all day (And that old saying  that you can't smell vodka is totally untrue. You can. Very much so.)  Anyway, during the day you would alternately hear insane laughing or loud crying coming from his cubicle.  We all just kinda got used to it. 

But this is the weirdest part - he was exceptionally good at his job.  While drunk.  So he never got fired, because we needed him.
YOU CAN SMELL VODKA?!?!  Oh, crap. 

Um, anyone know what you can't smell?  I'm just curious is all.  Really.

Cheers to Andrea34 for this one!


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

lol...having worked overseas for a number of years, I've got a lot of stories of crazy colleagues!

Drew B. Dope said...

I don't think there is anything you can't smell. If there is, there is a secret society of non-smell drinkers coming to work, secretly drinking their secret drink, and getting promoted... all while being smell-less. Now THAT is a superpower!

Drew said...

Wow, someone who actually didn't need drug rehab for his drinking habit, but rather consoled himself in his cubicle and doing a great job. That's reality. NOT!

Girl said...

haha i love that he was loudly crying. what a plastered thing to do.

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