Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baby Talk

My coworker talks in baby talk.  If you ask her to do something, she'll say "Me is vewy, vewy busy, if I do more I might cwy."  When she needs to use the restroom, she will cross her legs and say she has to wee-wee.  Her lunch is her "wunch", her desk is her "deskie" and her phone is her "phoney woney".  

I may kill her.

Why you so cranky wanky?    And if you do killy willy her, you just made it pwemeditated by saying it here.

Just sayin'.

I'd kill her too, though, Revolted...


Anonymous said...

I work wiff her too! Now I also work wiff Mikey and Neanie & Barbie & Patty too....Somehow I went from adulthood to preschool & didn't even know it!

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