Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vagrant Valet

I valet park cars at a very expensive hotel in NYC.  One of my fellow valets, a young guy of about 21 or so, likes to use the patron's cars as his own personal hotel.  At night, he sleeps in the most luxurious car he can find; he is especially delighted when someone drives in with a high-end SUV - then he can push the seats down and a have whole big sleeping space. Now, you probably feel all bad for him thinking he's homeless, but he has a room of his own at his parents penthouse apartment on Central Park.  He doesn't even need to actually HAVE a job.  He just thinks the valeting and the car sleeping thing is a fun lark.

He has even brought girls back to his car of the night after the bars have closed.  Personally, I don't see why girls would go for this, but hey, maybe they are trying to work their way to the top - the penthouse, that is.

Is his room available at his parents?  Or even a closet?  I'm easy to accommodate, ya know.

A big thank you to Eric Chen! (And by the way, I totally get it.  Say it out loud like one word...there ya go!)


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