Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flag Me Down

I am one of those guys with the flags that direct traffic during road construction. One of the guys I worked with thought it was funny to mess with the motorists. He'd have the 'slow' sign turned to them, and at the last second turn it to 'stop' and laugh as tires squealed. He'd then give the driver a dirty look as if to say "wow, you're an idiot!". He'd also use his flag to make obscene gestures near his crotch at attractive women.

He got fired.
Really?!?! He got FIRED?!?!

That's a shocker.

Hey lady, check out my big, long, stiff....flag pole.  What did you THINK I was gonna say?  Get yer minds outta the gutter, people!

Thanks Flagger09, for keeping traffic flowing smoothly!


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