Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Sillies

I love when people who are supposed to be experts make mistakes.  I suppose it makes me feel better about my less than perfect self.

Aw, come one, who am I kidding.  Less than perfect? Me?  Haha!

Fun with Photoshop mistakes:

That extra hand is just damn creepy.  Like some disembodied hand ghost rising from the sea (okay, just go with me here).

This before and after analysis is so convincing!  I mean, yeah, she seems to only collect fat in four gargantuan folds on her right side, and yeah, she can create the exact same pose (including background), but c'mon, I totally buy it. 

Just can't remember her on Baywatch, though...

The cereal took off the flab on her stomach - and apparently her skin color too.

This frightens the hell out of me.  She looks like those snakes that can unhinge their jaw in order to eat their prey whole.


Removing your right leg is a drastic measure to lose weight, dontcha think?


Trooper Thorn said...

Maybe the woman without the jaw was turning into a fly hybrid like Jeff Goldblum and this was part of the transition to mandibles.

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