Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Small Birds And Big Men

Two guys I work with have an intense football team rivalry going on. One is insane about the Giants, the other is equally loony about the Eagles.

One Monday after watching their teams play Sunday, the two of them got into a heated argument. This argument eventually became a screaming match until the Eagles fan took a swing at the Giant guy. Then it was all out war, rolling on the ground fighting like their lives depended on it - all while dressed in suits and ties. A bunch of us broke up the fight, and the men retreated to their offices with their bloody noses and bruises.

The best part is that these were two VPs of a mediation company - we are supposed to defuse situations, not ignite them.

I find this one even funnier if you go back and reread it assuming that the eagles guy is a fan of our fine feathered friends and the giants guy is enamored with people of huge stature. Heh.

We appreciate you punting this one our way, TeddyG.!  (Yeah, I know.  That was bad.  Hey, I try.)


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