Friday, November 13, 2009

Peein' Petey

I work in an office with a big open floor plan that's all filled with cubicles everywhere the eye can see.  The worst positioned cubicle has got to be the one in the way back corner, it's pretty dark and remote.  Nobody in their right mind would want that one, except for Petey.

Petey would disappear into his cubicle every morning, and not reappear until quitting  time.  We figured he must have brought food in to eat at his desk, but what about bathroom issues?  We nicknamed him BB for Bionic Bladder behind his back.

The mystery was solved when the cleaning company's head honcho called our boss to tell him that his workers would no longer empty the wastebasket full of pee from the farthest cubicle anymore.
Apparently you have a problem with efficent workers.  He came up with a strategy to eat to take care of all his needs while never even leaving his desk.  I commend him for his ingenuity.

I still kinda wonder about, well, number two.  Has anyone checked his desk drawers?

AndrewPotter, be very careful if you go into his desk to borrow his scissors!


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