Thursday, November 12, 2009

Painting The Town, And The Bathroom, Red

I run a painting company.  One of the guys on my crew reported to work one morning totally trashed.  I would have told him to go the hell home and sleep it off, but that would have left me one man down and our client  wanted her project done and over with that day and I needed all hands on deck to meet the deadline.

As we were painting the bathroom, drunk guy is reaching up to paint a spot when he loses his balance.  He grabs the shower rod to stop himself from falling.  The rod pulls out of the wall, and he crashes into a ladder with an open, full can of paint on it.  Dark red paint goes flying all over, including the already painted white ceiling and trim.  I guess all the commotion made him feel sick, so he abruptly bent over and puked into the bathtub.

Seriously, the red covered bathroom looked like I had done what I really wanted to do to at that moment - massacre him.  I fired him, and then it took a few days to repair the damage and worst of all, I had to do it all for free.

I'm sure that client has given you many glowing recommendations and can't wait to use you guys for any future home remodeling.


Better luck with future employees, PaulieThePainter!


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