Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Lower back tattoos are popular these days.

But maybe not these versions...

You know, I found him annoying too, but this is a bit extreme.  Besides, I'm wondering what the situation would have to be for 'Ray Romano' to actually SEE this message...

And then I get.....?

No thanks.

Because that's what God always wanted for the bible.  For it to be written on people's asses.

Aw, was this a gift for them?  They must be so proud.
And instead of wearing that uncomfortable looking pink ruffly thing, take a page from this girl's book...

permanent thong!

What a beautiful way to honor the dead - on the space above your ass crack.

And lastly- a moldy, rotting butterfly with what appears to be a detached human, ahem, 'member' for a body.


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